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Baby Sleep Bag sometimes called Baby Sleep Sack or Baby Sleep Pouch or Baby Wearable Blanket, is an alternative to traditional baby blanket. This has become a common and a must have baby sleep clothing.  Our office in Malaysia and Singapore is here to listen to your requirement.

Why baby sleep bag?

The most important about our well made baby sleep bag is very safe and most of all comfortable. The bag ensures that the baby is alway kept covered throughout the night at a constant and cosy temperature, no matter how active the baby is when he sleep. That means your little one will sleep longer and more peacefully.

As for the parent they do not need to worry about waking up every now and then to check on the baby whether the little is cover or not. When the baby sleep longer, mom and dad can catch up with more rest.

Why Chrischel Collections?

Chrischel Collections has been manufacturing high quality baby sleep bag for her client. We uses high quality organic fabric such as 100% cotton, bamboo, muslin etc., YKK zip and press button. Our product meet the high quality and safety standard.

Our design team undertake baby sleep bag project from design phrase, fabric sourcing, samples, embroidery, paper pattern, cutting, sewing, QC and end product. Our factory can undertakes any quality of your orders.

We also have in-house design that we sell of the counters and also for wholesale. You are welcome to make enquiries on our in-house baby sleep bag.

Some of Chrischel's Baby Sleep Bag Collections:-

Design 1

 Baby Sleep Bag    Baby Sleep Bag
Baby Sleep Bag Openning Baby Sleep Bag

At Chrischel's, we have design above Baby Sleep Bag. You can use our above design for your order. To complete your order, you can consider the following :-

  1. Embroidery - We can help to arrange sewing of your embroidery pattern on the baby sleep bag. You need to provide us picture(s) and position of the embroidery.
  2. Silkscreen printing - Some of our client want to print their logo on the Baby Sleep Bag instead.
  3. We recommend using of 100% cotton and bamboo material. There is a wide selection of these fabric that you can select.
  4. Our design is for tropical climate.

Call us or write to us quoting"

  • "Baby Sleep Bag Singapore" for Singapore - MBL: +65 96168474
  • "Baby Sleep Bag Malaysia" for Malaysia - MBL: +6016 6803068
  • For any other countries, you can write to us at any of the above email. 


Baby Sleep Bag