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Class T-shirt

School student in Malaysia and Singapore made class t-shirt for their class yearly. Chrischel Collections is manufacturing and supplying t-shirt to classes for the few years.

Who order class t-shirt?

  1. Shop or agent taking class t-shirt orders from you or classmate or teacher. They will send the order and artwork to us. We process the order and manufacture the class t-shirt.
  2. School students whom wanted to make some pocket money order the class t-shirt from us an reselling it back to their class.
  3. Class representatives or teacher contacted us directly for the order.

Why order your class t-shirt from us?

  1. We are the manufacturer and you are buying direct from factory. You are assure of factory support.
  2. We have a wide range of ready made polo t-shirt or round neck t-shirt. The t-shirt come with an assortment of colour.  
  3. Other than ready made t-shirt, our design team able to customize you t-shirt design such as different type of collar, colour panel, cutting of their favourite design, different fabric etc.. Your can always call us to discuss on your design. There are not many t-shirt company in Singapore and Malaysia that have their own design team and factory supporting your order.
  4. We provide different type printing such as embroidery, silkscreen printing or heat transfer.

How to order from us?

  1. Firstly, sketch out t-shirt you have in mind and then decide on the t-shirt colour. Note that you do not need to choose a plain colour t-shirt, you can decide having panel on your t-shirt or cutting on your t-shirt as well. Talk to us and we can help your on the t-shirt design.
  2. You have to decide on what to print on your t-shirt. Of course, make sure every one in your class agree to it. Next you have to look at type of printing method that is suitable to your design and meeting your budget.  Not to worry we are help here to assist you.
  3. Decide on item 1 and item 2, talk to us and our sales team will guide you step to step in your class t-shirt order.

More information on how you buy class t-shirt from Chrischel Collections.


Some of our ready made t-shirt

ready made class t-shirt

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