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Chrischel Collections supplies a wide varieties of ready-made cotton polo t-shirt for your selection.  These ready-made t-shirt are available over the counter. For more selection, click on any of the cotton polo t-shirt images below and it will bring you to the page where you can select the polo t-shirt colour of your choice for that design.                                                                                              [Home]

 QMC Honeycomb Polo T-shirt

  QMC Polo T-shirt    QMM CVC Honeycomb T-shirt 

QMC - CVC Honeycomb


QMD - CVC Single Knit With Piping


QMM - CVC Honeycomb

Long Sleeve    QMN - CVC Double Waffer     QMO - CVC Double Fish Bone

 QMM(L)-CVC Honeycomb T-shirt


QMN-CVC Double Waffer


QMO-CVC Double Fish Bone

QMP CVC Single Jersey    QMQ CVC Honeycomb   QMR CVC Honeycomb

QMP-CVC Single Jersey


QMQ-CVC Honeycomb


QMR-CVC Honeycomb

Cotton Polo T-shirt Cotton Polo T-shirt Cotton Polo T-shirt

QMS-CVC Honeycomb


QMT-CVC Honeycomb


QMV-Rib Jersey

Cotton Polo T-shirt Polo Cotton T-shirt Polo Cotton T-shirt

QMW-CVC Fully Comb Double Interlock


QMX-CVC Honeycomb


QMY-Rib Jersey

Cotton Polo T-shrit Long sleeve cotton T-shirt Cotton Polo T-shirt

QMZ-PQ Lacoste


QMZ(L)-PQ Lacoste


QM1-CVC Single Jersey

Polo Cotton T-shirt Ladies Polo T-shirt Polo Cotton T-shirt

QM6-CVC Single Jersey


QM7-Ladies T-shirt. Fully Comb Cotton.


QM14-Fully Comb Cotton

Polo Cotton T-shirt Polo cotton t-shirt                              

QM15-Fully Comb Cotton


QM16-Fully Comb Cotton