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Nursing Cover : Why mother milk protects the Babies? 

"Breastfeeding is important for both the mother and baby" 

By: Tony

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Breastfeeding is very important for both the baby and mother. Below are some important factors that benefit the mother and child:-

  1. Mother milk protects the babies. 
  2. Mother benefit from breastfeeding too.
  3. Breastfeeding does benefit the society as well.

Mother Milk Protects The Babies

  • Early breast milk is sometimes called liquid gold. As these early milk is thick yellow and this yellow liquid is Colostrum. This is the milk that was made during pregnancy and just after giving birth. The milk is very very rich in nutrients and antibodies, which protect your little one. This little milk is good enough for little one.
  • Your breast milk composition changes as your baby grows. This composition keep pace with the baby growth thus the changing nutritional requirement. The changes start to change by third to fifth day of birth. These milk changes to what is called Mature Milk. The milk now have the correct amount of fat, sugar, protien and water to continue to help the baby growing needs. The milk is now thinner.
  • The baby is adapted to the breast milk and making it easier to digest. It especially benefit premature babies. Baby takes time to adjust themself to formula milk and it's time for the baby stomachs to adapt to cow's milk.
  • The breast milk are nature given to fight disease. The cells, hormones and antibodies in breast milk protects the babies from illness. Illness such as:
  • Protection against gastroenteritis, necrotizing entercolitis; 
  • Ruduction of stomach disorder such as chronic constipation, colic, and other stomach upsets; 
  • Reduced any rish of childhood diabetes; 
  • Protection against ear infections, respiratory illnesses, pneumonia, bronchitis, kidney infections, septicemia (blood poisoning); 
  • Protect babis against allergies, asthma, eczema etc.; 
  • Reduces risks of SID; 
  • Protection against meningitis, botulism, childhood lymphoma, crohn's disease and ulcerative entercolits; 
  • Protect against tooth decay; 
  • Breastfeeding the baby do promote facial structure development, speech improvement, straighter teeth and better eye sight; 
  • Breast fed baby have better IQ; 
  • Suppose to reduce heart diseases later part of baby life; 
  • Bone density increases; 
  • Baby enjoy emotional and warm bonding; 

Continue with the benefit of breastfeeding for mother in the next articles.

Nursing cover is design for mother to cover the exposed breast while feeding the baby.  Nursing mom now can go out confidently with baby.  She does need to look for privacy plac to feed the baby.  All the nursing mom needs is too find a comfortable corner to feed the baby.  


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