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Chrischel Collections has been manufacturing customised t-shirt / customized t-shirt and supplying ready-made t-shirt to:

  • Agents - ordering either customised / customized t shirt to their client; 
  • Corporate t-shirt to government agencies, factories, companies; 
  • School t-shirt to school in Malaysia and Singapore; 
  • Class t-shirt for student in Malaysia and Singapore,  
  • Event t-shirt or advertising t-shirt, factories, club etc... 

Ready Made T-shirt

Ready-made t-shirt are produced and these t-shirt are available to be sold over the counter. The t-shirt design, colour and sizes are fixed. If you want different design, different colour or sizes then you may opt for custom made t-shirt.

Advantages of a ready-made t-shirt is that the t-shirt is available anytimes.

Disadvantages of a ready-made t-shirt is what you see is what you get. There are cases for a certain design and colour, it runs out of the particular sizes. In such cases, you have no choice but to change to another design or colour. 

Type of ready made t-shirt available:-

  • Round Neck - available in long & short sleeves (Fabric - TC, CVC, 100% cotton jersey, Interlock cotton, dri-fit) 
  • Polo Neck - available in long & short sleeves (Fabric - honeycombed cotton, dri-fit)    

Give us a call or write to us find out availability of the desired t-shirt you required. Note that even if it is not availability, our factory may rush out the t-shirt for you.

Custom Made T-shirt

When do you need custom made t-shirt?

  • T-shirt design that is not available over the counter; 
  • T-shirt cutting that you specifically want such as slim cut, shorter sleeve, sleeveless, with side panel, pocket etc.. 
  • Different fabric material such as 100% interlock cotton, dri-fit, bamboo fabric, CVC, waffles etc.. 
  • Different sizes. Normally ready-made t-shirt comes the popular sizes. If you required, ladies sizes, children sizes or plus sizes, custom made t-shirt is what you required. 

We are specialized on custom made t-shirt. Our designer will help you step by step to go through your requirement. Contact us if you you have custom t-shirt requirement.

Note that some companies refer "customize t-shirt" as offering printing service on plain t-shirt. Printing can be silk screen printing, vinyl, heat transfer, embroidery etc. We can offer printing services when you order either the ready-made t-shirt or custom made t-shirt.