Clothing Manufacturer - Development

Chrischel Collections has been serving small and medium size boutique in both Singapore and Malaysia for manufacturing services.

As a fashion dress manufacturer, our design team assist you to achieve:

  1. From your idea to final product; 
  2. From your fashion sketches or picture from magazine to final product; 
  3. From your sample to final product. 

Given your design concept, we the fashion dress manufacturer will create paper pattern, grading, fabric sourcing, sample, production and delivery.

Some of the reasons why you should use us:

  • The owner and fashion designer Christina Tam has the production experiences from working in big fashion manufacturer/houses from difference production department before starting the Chrischel Collections – fashion dress manufacturer; 
  • We can undertakes smaller and medium size order. We are also gear up for big order with our partnered factories in Foshan and Humen, China. 
  • In Chrischel Collections, our emphasis is always on quality. As we are based in Melaka, Malaysia. Boutique owners from Singapore and Malaysia can access our factory for the purpose of discussion on your design, quality inspection or collection of your delivery etc.. You can return the same day and even sample the best Melakan food before returning home. 
  • Fashion cloth/dress purchase from wholesaler has it’s problem. Being in this competitive market, pricing the product will be a challenge especially when your customer tells you that the same dress is available at a certain shop at a much lower price. Most boutique owners do not have any choices but to lower their prices or even worse, start a price war. Imagine, if you are selling at a boutique in a beautiful shopping center and same product can be bought from the same wholesaler is also selling in the night market or on the street. 
  • Even smaller or medium size boutique want to their own branding and their own design range. 

The above list will go on and on. Chrischel Collections is able to provide boutique owner the difference. Please note that Chrischel Collections has the capability to undertake larger order as well. Together with her partnered factories in Foshan and Humen, we are able to meet your order regardless your order is big or small.

If you have any production requirement, please feel free to call us.